My Life So Far

janeeporter_2016I was born in Aberdeen in the northeast of Scotland quite a while ago. The women in my family, old aunts and grandparents, were very creative, mainly in crafts such as sewing and textiles but there were also those who painted on ceramics and canvas. However, the arts were considered a past-time and necessity as many of our things were hand-made: clothes, curtains, quilts and rugs. Items were repaired and upcycled - making, breaking and remodelling were part of my vocabulary from a young age.

I was an inquisitive child with a heightened awareness, particularly to the odd behaviours of my parents, so I hid out with my grandmother who encouraged my creativity and introduced me to oils. I spent many happy hours with her painting from postcards and listening to stories about their senders, distant relatives in far off lands. By the age of seven, life was changing and about a year later my parents separated. My art career came to a sudden end and, although my creative spirit kept tugging at my heart strings, I didn't paint again for over twenty years.

After leaving school I travelled extensively in search of meaning.  I became immersed in the richness of culture: expansive landscapes, breath-taking architecture and wonderful people, my pursuit of purpose soon forgotten.  Leaving behind the delights of foreign lands, I returned to Scotland and went back to school.  Still torn between a practical career and the unpredictable life of an artist, I chose to study psychology, sociology and art.

Finally in the year 2000, I attended Gray’s School of Art where they didn’t teach me how to paint.  It was an unexpected and irritating turn of events.  However, they did teach me how to see and experience the world in a new way.  Life took on a new lens; colour, texture and pattern multiplied by the million, the effect of light and shadow could transform the most lifeless object and beauty was to be found in every form.  I learned that meaning is in the moment.

In 1999 I was awarded 'Best Student in HNC Art & Design with Portfolio Presentation' from Anniesland College, achieved a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2004 and in 2009 curated 'High White Light', an exhibition of top Scottish contemporary artists including Calum Colvin, John Bellany and John Byrne. I've exhibited in galleries, group and solo shows, undertaken commissions, design and writing projects. You can find more details on my Exhibitions page.

Thanks for dropping by and hanging out with me.

With best wishes