Hi, I'm Janee, a fine artist and illustrator from Scotland. I have a love for portraits, nature and storytelling. ​​​​​​​
I graduated with an Honours degree in Fine Art in 2004, where I developed a strong foundation in traditional techniques such as drawing, anatomy and oil painting.  
More recently, I've been exploring the world of digital painting and have been creating emotive and imaginative portraits.  For me, a great portrait quickly grabs attention, reveals a hidden essence and leaves a lasting impression.  It's more than just creating art, it's about connecting with people and celebrating their unique beauty.
My style is a blend of traditional and digital media, and I draw inspiration from nature, psychology, and imagination.  I'm always pushing the boundaries of my creativity and finding new ways to express my art. 
I hope my portraits speak to you and capture your imagination.
with Best Wishes
Jane E Porter